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June 18, 2012

Her Wedding Day

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She was to be married today. Today. Today her life was about to change. She dreamt and dreamt this day since her childhood. The typical “Knight-in-the Shining-Armor-on-a-White-Horse” dream.  Her life did change today. Anyways.

As she waited in the church for him to arrive, she looked back at her life. She saw herself, all in wonderful glory of her childhood and where she still waited for her “Knight”. She saw herself as a princess, the apple of the eyes of her parents. She saw herself growing up, as a young woman, the heartthrob of her high school. Every boy wanted her and every girl wanted to be like her.

She saw herself graduating and growing even more as a woman, as an individual. Her beauty was now accentuated with maturity with a dollop of innocence thrown in. She was loved by all, she loved life and she met the love of her life.

She had always been a happy person, a fortunate young human being, but this new love in her life widened her views, she was happier than ever. Oh the shy didn’t fall, the stars didn’t shine down, the snowfall was not whiter, the moon was not bigger, the rain was still irritating; but she enjoyed the open sky more, she appreciated the stars shining above her more, she started  loving the moon as much as she loved the sun and the rain was irritating yet refreshing. She was in love.

As she waited in the church for him to arrive, she reflected back on her life with him. Few months back, she moved in with him. And now she counted her those days.

She smiled as she remembered his touch in the middle of the night… She thought of him hugging her from behind as she washed dishes in the kitchen, she got reminded of her grumbling at him when he did those little irritating things- throwing towel here and there, relaxing on lounge as she cooked and cleaned, or coming in to help when she least wanted those…  Her life hung on his whispered sweet nothings… She adored his little habits- hugging her in sleep, tickling her, playing games with her, just sitting there with her in total silence, just being near her, just following her from room to room…

She remembered all this and she wept…

As she waited in the decorated church and amidst all the grandeur of flowers, as she waited in her pristine flowing white dress and sheer tiara… as she waited for him wearing the pearl necklace… as she looked at the empty chair in front, waiting for the guests to arrive… she wept…. She wept as she waited for him…

And as she waited the hearse arrived, they carried in the coffin and opened up the lid. He was there. In his wedding suit. Black. Bow ties. A slight smile played on his cold face. She looked in, she leaned in, she kissed him, his cold lips. He looked calm, he looked happy on his wedding day… on his funeral…

This was her wedding day… this was his funeral…


Ode to a Little Sister

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This is a little ode

To an unknown little sister,

I have beautiful two,

You were the other.

There are so many questions –

Of little things we are left to wonder:

As colors go –

Was your favorite red, blue, or another?

Would you have eaten all your veggies first?

And save the dessert till last?

Would you have hated pumpkin the worst?

Chocolate, strawberry, or vanilla –

Which ice cream would you have preferred?

For times of transport

To go near or far;

Would you have sat your tiny little bumps

On a motorcycle,

Or in the seat of a van or a car?

To make a living

Would you have used your hands?

Your brain or your mind?

Inside you –

was there a beautiful talent

You would have found?

Would you have enquired?

As to how the stars got there,

We’re still not sure,

Even among the great minds here.

Maybe now of that –

You know what is true,

For up there You do have a wider view.

 In all certainty

I’ll be there one-day,

Where you are…

Way above the clouds,

So very far…

When that time comes

We’ll find ourselves a comfy spot,

And marvel at the glorious vision

Of the universe and earth blue,

As finally you get to know me,

And I you.

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