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April 17, 2013

Why Do I Love Malls!!!

I love malls. I love being there. It’s a colorful menagerie, vibrancy, people, life and what not! The lives in malls are always on move! And why do I love malls?? The other day I went to one such grand mall with my husband for dinner – allow me to narrate the beautiful sights I witnessed there, and you would know why love malls!

The moment we entered we were greeted with a welcome chaos, an organized anarchy. People skipping the queue for security check, being a weekend the whole place was crowded. I saw a daughter-in-law in traditional garbs, covering her head with pallu and her mother-in-law guiding her on the escalator. I saw a young pretty person in hot pants and hand-in-hand with her companion who was leaning in to whisper sweet nothings on the same escalator. I saw a tiny boy, scared and curious at the same time, he was trying to step on the escalator, cheered on by his father. The lad was soooo happy that when he actually stepped on the mechanical moving staircase,  his face reflected the victorious emotions as if he was the winner of the Mumbai Marathon! His father was equally proud when his miniature version turned and triumphantly shouted, “Dadda! I made it.”

And on the third floor, while sitting and whiling away time, we saw a super cute scene! A little girl (may be little more than 2 years old) was harassing her father. Let me try and recount the conversation verbatim.

Daughter to Dad, “Daddy I wanna ride a horse!” “No Kiddo, there are no horses in this mall, we will ride horse some other time.” Dad cajoled. With a tearful scowl and pouted lower lips, the daughter insists that she doesn’t care, “Be my horse no daddy! Juss for two minnets ride! Pleeeze, puhleeez, puhleez Daddy.” A resigned sigh resonated from the Dad’s throat and also the soft muttering, “You little blackmailing toddler, you take after your mother!” and then loudly, “Okies, common, just two minutes and no more!” The exuberance on the face of that little manipulative girl was a wonderful sight, she was jumping and skipping and laughing and finally the dad went down on his knees put the daughter on his back and was then on all fours. The horse and the rider started the chanting, “Chal mere ghode tic tic tic!” The two minutes went on to 10 minutes and both were unaware of the stares, smirks, wistful smiles and laughter of the fellow mall-goers.

As we sat down to have a pure vegetarian Rajasthani dinner (I somehow had the craving only for the vegetarian that day, though my husband believes that a Restaurant not having any chicken dish in the menu  is not worth being called a restaurant) and in come five, no. Ten, no. Thirteen people to have dinner. A Traditional Rajasthani family. Women in ghoonghat and men in kurtas and pagdis. Four tables were joined together and women sat near the wall, kids in between and then the menfolk.  The dinner commenced and criticism too. Eldest lady says, “I cook better, they call this Rajasthani Thali! I told you all not to waste money”.

A stroll to a home furniture store brought even more smiles.  Beautiful furniture assembled together to give a feel of one’s future dream home. Beds and sofas and dining tables and couches and night stands and kitchenware and furnishings. As we ooh-ed and aah-ed over various pieces, I saw one more couple doing the same in front of a display bedroom. They were looking at the stuff presented beautifully and I could see the beautiful desire in the guy’s eyes and dream in girl’s.

Yes I love malls. They sell not the merchandise but the dreams, the ambitions. Malls are not just a market place, an assembly of random shops; it’s a place where parents buy wedding trousseaus for their daughters. Malls are places where boyfriends buy a ring and propose to girlfriends. Malls are places where housewives escape cooking for a day and enjoy. Malls are place where break ups happen and make-ups happen. Malls are places where kids see the whole range of diverse colors- good and bad- and learn. I love malls, because I get to see so much of life there. I love malls, because I see so many emotions fleeting on the faces of mall-goers. I also love malls because I get to empty my husband’s pocket there!


April 9, 2013

Silent Wounds

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It was just before dusk and I was enjoying the nature, sitting on the cold bench looking in to the Powai Lake. The traffic was on its peak on the road behind me and in front of me there serene peacefulness. Surprisingly the lake, which is generally crowded by teen couples looking for secluded corners to steal a kiss and feel some bumps and valleys, was almost empty today. That is when I noticed her.

That girl, sitting on the cold bench, was staring at the lake with her big eyes. The way she was looking at the lake caught my attention. I could see her fine nose, a little bit up, smelling the combined mix of city pollution and lake air. I could see her long and curled eye lashes from the distance of 2 and half meters, the pulse on her long neck, hands clasping the bench… she was leaning forward and was lost in deep thought. She was not exactly beautiful, but she was tall and her features were attractive, may be she felt my intent stare and turned towards me. With a slight smile and nod of her head she turned back again to her muse.

The darkness was covering the sky. The birds were returning home. The eagerness was visible in their chirping. The Lake had a couple of boats; the sides were covered in bright green moss and the lights from distant high-rise buildings on the other side of the lake were making an interesting pattern in the water.

She was still staring into the lake. No expression, no happiness, no sadness, nothing. There was something in her stance which drew my attention back and again to her. I tried to imagine what it was that made her so contemplative.

May be she was in love and was afraid whenever he uttered the words of endearments, she was afraid whenever he proclaimed that he loved her… she was afraid that his words and his feeling would be carried away by the wind before it could even reach her. And maybe she preferred his touch to his words….

Might be her fears came true and the wind finally carried him away… Might be he left her and now she was alone. To face the world, its unpleasantness. No one to shield her against that cruel wind… And here she must be wondering where she went wrong. She must be thinking what upturned her world threw it against the unbreakable brick wall. Smash!

She must be thinking about him, where he is now. He must be gone, he must be shielding someone else against the wind, his words must be adorning someone else’s ears and his arms must be giving solace to some other delicate heart. He must have chosen to move away, without acknowledgement to the time they spent together. He must have chosen to turn his back on the shared moments without even a goodbye. He must have decided to tear her heart away and light up else’s life. And sitting here she must be feeling stranded.

I picked up my bag and walked to reach the lake shore. A few inches from it, I stopped. I turned to see the girl. She was now standing. A few steps away from the bench. Her shoulder length ebony hair and dupatta were caught in the cold wind. Just one thing bothered me, tears.

I saw tears on her cheeks and I saw sadness. I saw the tears sliding and falling to the earth and being absorbed. But her sadness was still prominent.

I was still there, watching her, wondering if anyone would ever be able to heal her wounded angry heart.

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