Kissaa Kahaani

June 18, 2012

Ode to a Little Sister

Filed under: The Memories Unfogged — MK @ 12:32 pm

This is a little ode

To an unknown little sister,

I have beautiful two,

You were the other.

There are so many questions –

Of little things we are left to wonder:

As colors go –

Was your favorite red, blue, or another?

Would you have eaten all your veggies first?

And save the dessert till last?

Would you have hated pumpkin the worst?

Chocolate, strawberry, or vanilla –

Which ice cream would you have preferred?

For times of transport

To go near or far;

Would you have sat your tiny little bumps

On a motorcycle,

Or in the seat of a van or a car?

To make a living

Would you have used your hands?

Your brain or your mind?

Inside you –

was there a beautiful talent

You would have found?

Would you have enquired?

As to how the stars got there,

We’re still not sure,

Even among the great minds here.

Maybe now of that –

You know what is true,

For up there You do have a wider view.

 In all certainty

I’ll be there one-day,

Where you are…

Way above the clouds,

So very far…

When that time comes

We’ll find ourselves a comfy spot,

And marvel at the glorious vision

Of the universe and earth blue,

As finally you get to know me,

And I you.


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