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August 16, 2011

Are we sure of our Stands: Lokpal and Anna

Do you know what’s happening? All these Hunger strikes and all these Act 144 and all these allegations… I don’t claim to be an expert; no I am just not knowledgeable enough to be an expert. I don’t know the nitty gritty of The Jan Lokpal Bill, I don’t understand the difference between Anna’s version and the Cabinet’s Version; I don’t understand how will this remove corruption. But, if this actually does something to reduce the level of corruption, I am all for it. I will support any ABC who is fighting for this bill and Anna is way above any ABC, any common Indian.

Yesterday was 15th August, after so many years of independence, I considered us, as a nation to be mature enough to handle situations gracefully. I did not think, even for a moment that Anna will actually be arrested; I did not realize that Acts like 144, an emergency provision shall be applied on a peaceful protest. Are we in Egypt? Or Syria? But I would like to ask, if this is not Egypt or Syria, why are we fighting as if we are in such a country? I respect Anna, I respect the demand for a just Lokpal Bill, and I don’t understand why it has to be Anna’s way only, his drafts only, his version only? Why can’t we let it happen in Parliament, why can’t both the versions and drafts be discussed in there and the best points from both be selects- after all in parliament are our representatives. DO we have to degrade UPA as “goras” or “angrez”? And this NDA, are they so pure? Are they totally just and uncorrupt? I have this much faith in Anna that I know that he would have protested against corruption and for Lokpal had it been NDA there and not UPA. So why these BJP and RSS are are making this an election platform to propagate themselves? This is much more that ‘chair’ isn’t it? This is about building a nation, And that is why it is such a shame that central government is acting the way it is acting- arresting a 79 year old man who is preaching non- violence and anti-corruption. What are they thinking? What are they going to achieve? This is not at all democratic, this is dictatorial. UPA, Congress are digging their own graves- for what? the accumulated money in their Swiss accounts??

I am not for UPA or NDA, if anything I am totally apolitical. However, I don’t approve, however much I respect Anna, I don’t approve of this way to protest. This is not an India pre-1947. This movement is not self sustainable. This fire which has been lit today is not going to remain aflame for long- it’s not an independence war and we should not give it a form of one. It’s not like if Gandhi ji is arrested, then Nehru would lead, if Lala Lajpat Rai dies, Bhagat Singh would rise. This protest, this “Revolution” is on a move only because of Anna and now Anna is arrested, he will be out soon; and people will keep on pouring on roads for marches and “Jail Bharo Andolans” but for how long? I ask you- people who are protesting this- for how long will you take leave and go to the “Dharana Sthal”, how many of you will taint your clean records by going to jail? How many of you would tolerate a scuffle between you and police? How many of you will spend endless nights on the roads and parks and Jantar Mantar? Tell me truthfully for how long are you ready for all this? Its easier said than done.

What is happening that we are not clear anymore what we are fighting for- is it for Jan Lokpal Bill? Or is it for Anna? As far as Lokpal is concerned- Government is ready for it, it’s just that they want it on their terms- and Anna and team are rigid. We cannot blame the government that they do not want Lokpal- we should be glad- we won the first battle- yes the war remains- but we cannot have all we want now and here, can we?

Anna says this is the second freedom struggle- we are blowing things out of proportion- I have a feeling that this is now no more about Lokpal- this is now more about ego war. It’s all about no I don’t was to be submissive, how can I? Its UPA vs. Anna. Sadly, the priorities are getting merged, the line of differentiation is now getting obliterated and we are now not sure what are we fighting for…


August 12, 2011

Khali Panna aur Pencil ka tukda

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Ye ek kora khaali panna
Zindgiya banaane, bigaadne chala
Aur ye ek pencil ka tukda
Kahaniya likhne mitaane chala
Safed panno par, Khali aksharon mein
Ubhar kar aatae kissa..
Wo kaale aksharon wala kissa
Us khali panne par rang ukerne chala
Kabhi pankhe ki hawa se ud kar
Lehrata hua wo panna
Zindagi ki dagmag se naav ka ehsaas dilaane chala
Kabhi us bulb ki roshni ke neeche
Dhoop chhao ki anubhooti dilaane chala
Ek khali panna, aur us khali panne ke upar
Us chhote pencil ke tukde se likhe huye
Us kaale aksharon waale kisse se samajh aai mujhe zindagi…

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