Kissaa Kahaani

September 11, 2018

I Danced

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I sat in the tattoo parlour with him. He came to accompany me. I was nervous and was shaking. I hated needles. But then I thought of him.. this tattoo was a gift for him. To our favourite song together. “Dance in The Rain”.

As the tattoo was being etched, I looked up at him for courage. Our gazes unwavering. As the black ink marked my skin, the permanence of our bond was marked too. A tattoo for him, for us.

He looked at the final design in my hand and kissed it, promising that if things go well, he will get a tattoo too, “I Danced…” We laughed.

That was two months ago. My fragile, beautiful, and full-of-life son never got his chance to get that tattoo. Cancer finally took its toll. He went away to the world where pain doesn’t exist anymore. He couldn’t fulfil his promise. He couldn’t dance. My beautiful 22 years old first born died when I lived with just a tattoo as our last moment together…

Dance in the rain
Let it wash him away
Dance in the rain
Let it wash him away
No, he ain’t coming back
There’s nothing to say and nothing to do
But try to be brave
And learn how to dance, just dance in the rain
Dance in the rain*

* This is a song by Jana Kramer.



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