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March 2, 2012

If One of Us is Gone…

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Its been 83 days since I am married. 83 days. Wow!!! I am a wife!!! The responsibility is huge. The joy is tremendous. The disbelief is great. The contentment is infectious. I really can’t believe that I am a wife. I still behave childishly, I still have my own nakhras, I make silly mistakes- I do things I never saw my mother do. She is perfect, maybe I will be a perfect wife too…

I cherish the smile I sleep with; I cherish the warm cuddling, the unexpected hugs and tightly clasping hands. I love the strong shoulder on which I lean on and sleep while in auto. I am thankful for the strong arms which act as my pillow in nights. I am grateful for the scolding when I make mistakes. I love the early morning warmth of togetherness. I love waking up to his touch.

He compliments me, I am bubbly, and he is calm. I stumble, he lends an arm. I laugh, he smiles. Our relationship is not perfect. And I thank God for it. If it were perfect, I would never find the little joys of roothna manana; if it were perfect, I would not feel the need to seek his approvals on everything I do; if it were perfect, I would need his guiding hands. He is my pillar of strength. He is my cushion to fall back on. He is my lucky charm.

I fought for him, I gave up many things, I wondered at times if whatever I am doing is worth it, if he deserves to be more precious than all the struggles and pain I am going through. I realize today, that he is. He is worth fighting for. And I did not lose anything. I gained.

I know, the road ahead is going to be rough, but he will walk with me. And as we will walk together, we will clear the road and make it smooth. We will create home. We will fight and we will make up. We will criticize and we will appreciate. We will discover each other. More and more. Every day. We are lucky. We are grateful. We love. Life is good.

You and me against the world,
Sometimes it seems like you and me against the world,
When all the others turn their backs and walked away,
You can count on me to stay.
You and me against the world,
Sometimes it seems like you and me against the world
And for all the times we’ve cried I always felt that
God was on our side.

And when one of us is gone,
And one of us is left to carry on,
Then remembering will have to do,
Our memories alone will get us through
Think about the days of me and you,
Of you and me against the world.
Helen Reddy)


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