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April 17, 2013

Why Do I Love Malls!!!

I love malls. I love being there. It’s a colorful menagerie, vibrancy, people, life and what not! The lives in malls are always on move! And why do I love malls?? The other day I went to one such grand mall with my husband for dinner – allow me to narrate the beautiful sights I witnessed there, and you would know why love malls!

The moment we entered we were greeted with a welcome chaos, an organized anarchy. People skipping the queue for security check, being a weekend the whole place was crowded. I saw a daughter-in-law in traditional garbs, covering her head with pallu and her mother-in-law guiding her on the escalator. I saw a young pretty person in hot pants and hand-in-hand with her companion who was leaning in to whisper sweet nothings on the same escalator. I saw a tiny boy, scared and curious at the same time, he was trying to step on the escalator, cheered on by his father. The lad was soooo happy that when he actually stepped on the mechanical moving staircase,  his face reflected the victorious emotions as if he was the winner of the Mumbai Marathon! His father was equally proud when his miniature version turned and triumphantly shouted, “Dadda! I made it.”

And on the third floor, while sitting and whiling away time, we saw a super cute scene! A little girl (may be little more than 2 years old) was harassing her father. Let me try and recount the conversation verbatim.

Daughter to Dad, “Daddy I wanna ride a horse!” “No Kiddo, there are no horses in this mall, we will ride horse some other time.” Dad cajoled. With a tearful scowl and pouted lower lips, the daughter insists that she doesn’t care, “Be my horse no daddy! Juss for two minnets ride! Pleeeze, puhleeez, puhleez Daddy.” A resigned sigh resonated from the Dad’s throat and also the soft muttering, “You little blackmailing toddler, you take after your mother!” and then loudly, “Okies, common, just two minutes and no more!” The exuberance on the face of that little manipulative girl was a wonderful sight, she was jumping and skipping and laughing and finally the dad went down on his knees put the daughter on his back and was then on all fours. The horse and the rider started the chanting, “Chal mere ghode tic tic tic!” The two minutes went on to 10 minutes and both were unaware of the stares, smirks, wistful smiles and laughter of the fellow mall-goers.

As we sat down to have a pure vegetarian Rajasthani dinner (I somehow had the craving only for the vegetarian that day, though my husband believes that a Restaurant not having any chicken dish in the menu  is not worth being called a restaurant) and in come five, no. Ten, no. Thirteen people to have dinner. A Traditional Rajasthani family. Women in ghoonghat and men in kurtas and pagdis. Four tables were joined together and women sat near the wall, kids in between and then the menfolk.  The dinner commenced and criticism too. Eldest lady says, “I cook better, they call this Rajasthani Thali! I told you all not to waste money”.

A stroll to a home furniture store brought even more smiles.  Beautiful furniture assembled together to give a feel of one’s future dream home. Beds and sofas and dining tables and couches and night stands and kitchenware and furnishings. As we ooh-ed and aah-ed over various pieces, I saw one more couple doing the same in front of a display bedroom. They were looking at the stuff presented beautifully and I could see the beautiful desire in the guy’s eyes and dream in girl’s.

Yes I love malls. They sell not the merchandise but the dreams, the ambitions. Malls are not just a market place, an assembly of random shops; it’s a place where parents buy wedding trousseaus for their daughters. Malls are places where boyfriends buy a ring and propose to girlfriends. Malls are places where housewives escape cooking for a day and enjoy. Malls are place where break ups happen and make-ups happen. Malls are places where kids see the whole range of diverse colors- good and bad- and learn. I love malls, because I get to see so much of life there. I love malls, because I see so many emotions fleeting on the faces of mall-goers. I also love malls because I get to empty my husband’s pocket there!


May 30, 2011


I imagine, I need my imagination to feel free. I need my mind to travel to faraway lands so that I dont feel the stifling anymore… I imagine because the world seems unreal to me, I see and witness and experience things which are so untrue and so cruel. My imagination takes me somewhere which is all soothing, a place which seems to hug me and a place which seems to caress me and take my pain away kiss by kiss… I find that the people I idolized and worshipped are not the people I thought they are, I find that I live in farce, I have a facade on my face and and a mask on my heart I see and undergo what the world wants me to see… But in my imagination, I am surrounded by people who are unselfish, jovial, happy-go-lucky, without any mask- inside same as outside, no two faces, I am surrounded there by ‘people’ and note by ‘fake’… Imagination is a freedom, I dont feel the pain when I imagine.. Imagination is strength and it takes away my weakness… imagination is exhilarating I dont feel the sadness and gloominess … Imagination is the key to be happy…

Yes, it takes me away from ground reality… Yes, imagination is a fantasy… But I prefer it this way. Why? I dont want to remain hurting. I want to laugh- If I imagine, its easier for me to laugh… in imagination, I dont see my tears on my cheek, in my imagination I dont feel the sorrow and the pang in my heart…

imagination is freedom… imagination makes you walk on water… imaginations make you sleep on clouds… imagination takes you places undiscovered… imagination makes you look up at the star when you are down in the gutter… imagination makes you dance when you cant… imagination keeps you warm when you are cold… imagination is liberating, exhilarating…

March 7, 2011

Jaane Kaha Gaye Wo Din…

What a craze it was!!!! at least 10-15 or more years back! todays kids thrive on Superman, He-man, SpiderMan, X-Men and all the other western heroes, while Indian Super Heroes are suffering due to the ever increasing fame of Western Super Heroes, here comes a time to revive the memories of long forgotten our own Indian Heroes, the legacies of Diamond and Raj Comics.

First and foremost in mind can be no other than Nagraj; the green skinned man,with a lock of hair shaped like a snake’s hood and snakes flowing out of his wrist as and when he wishes!

He is the creation of Parshuram Sharma, Nagraj is the Ichhadhari Naag (A snake which can take the form of a Man at wish) . He is the protector of the Metro City-Mahanagar and is the enemyof evil, of terrorism. His perennial enemies are Nagpasha-his uncle, Prof. Nagmani, Thodanga, Nagina, Vishandhar,Nagpasha, Gurudev. he remains victorious because of the guidance of his mentor Guru Gorakhnath, blessing of his deity- Dev Kalajayi, devotion of his wives Visarpi and Bharti, and all the snakes which residein his body. his powers include his ability to become invisible, ability to blow the poisonous breath and kill the enemies, lots of snakes coming in and out of his body, his yoga power and much more! he is one of the most most admired and loved super heroes of India

And then if Nagraj is the top name in Indian Heroes then Anupam Sinha’s creation Super Commando Dhruv is the epitopme of a Human Being without naturally bestowed power, who proved that you dont have to have a spider bite you, or to be born on another planet, to be a super hero! you just need to have passion and compassion! you just need determination! this is what Dhruv is!

this orphan, born and brought up in Jupiter Circus is nimble and a master in Martial Arts, a great and unmatched Trapeze artist; since he lived with animals and birds for most of his young life, he can understand and converse in their language! the various skills he learned in the circus, he nurtured and developed! plus is great common sense! he was adopted by a Inspector General Rajan and his family, Rajan’s daughter is also a Super Heroin (Chandika) and she puts her life at risk for her brother often! He comes often in comic books with Nagraj, and saves the world from the attack of Terror. in the latest series, which is almost a depiction of Ramayana (Varan Kand, Grahan Kand, Haran Kand etc), Nagraj has a character similar to that of the Rama and Dhruv depicts Lakshamana. He also trains his neighbor hood kids to combat, top utilize resources, to use common sense and to be the Commando force! He is in love with Commander Natasha, daughter of his arch enemy Grand Master Robo, and got separated from her father voluntarily to marry Dhruv, they have son named Rishi. Another great ally of Dhruv is Dhananjaya, an Aqua-Human character who helps Dhruv in most difficult of circumstances. this character of Dhruv has stolen many a heart and is part of many fantasies! 🙂

If all super heroes are good and pure, there are few who defy law, who believe in eye for an eye and who don’t think twice before taking an action! this description best suits Doga. this Angry Young Man of the Streets is the savior of those unfortunates, who cant save them selves. And he has an army of dogs, who would die at one signal of Doga, without hesitating!
first time a well known Indian Super Hero is going to be on Silver Screen, and Doga is going to be the one to get the credit! Kunal Kapoor is going to act as Doga in Anurag Kashyap’s would-be flick.
Doga was originally Suraj, an orphan, who was brought up by a Daku Halkan Singh, who treated him as a Dog, hence Doga. he left the Daku to be with Adrak Chacha, his mentor and guide and his brothers. the four brothers trained Doga in Gym, Marksmanship, Boxing and Martial Arts. Suraj became Doga when these brothers were killed mercilessly by Killota. This fighter of the streets is misunderstood by the law and police for his ruthless behavior but he is admired and feared as well. his secret identity is known by a few of his trusted- inspector Cheetah, and Monika who is his long lost love Sonu, whom he takes to be dead. he also has a sister Kiran.

and then comes Bhokal! the warrior, the male pari or tha Protector of Fairies, king of Parilok! This ancient age super hero is the protector and defender of Vikasnagar. in Parilok, his parents are killed by Fuchang, whom he kills with the help of his friends Shootan, Atikrur and Turee, whom he loves and finally marries. this Hero invokes the name of the his Guru Mahabali Bhokal to gain super strength when he needs it, and he can fly, gets the most powerful shield and sword. he also had a pair of wings, but that was destroyed by the enemies. Bhokal had three wives, Tureen Rupsi and Saloni.

Other famous super heroes are Parmanu, Shakti, Tiranga, Inspector Steel, Agniputrs Abhaya, Shaktiman, Captain Vyom and many more.

We as kids used to thrive on these comics and series, they used to transport us to the unknown lads of adventure and fun. they made us feel the importance of good and bad, of winning the inner devil in order to conquer the world. they taught us that we don’t need super humane power to be a super hero; it just takes determination and compassion. Now a days television sets and computer games take over the lives of the kids, how unfortunate is the life of an average kid today! No more nurturing of fantasy the way we used to do through books and comics. the fun associated and the enigma hidden in the next page was used to be so scintillating! i still read those comics and remember those long lost glories of these characters.

A few Tidbits of love…

She was talking to him in the barest of whisper, her lips almost not moving. The tiny throbs at the base of her neck was the only indication that she was speaking. They were together and they wanted to pour into each other their everything- heart, body and soul. As they walked, they took lightest of steps and as they spoke, it was in the lowest of voices. They were careful not to disturb the sanctity and silence of the cloudless, clear night; slightly washed by the light of crescent moon.

She said, “ I am fortunate to have you here by my side in this cold night. I am thankful you chose to be with me now; me, whom you know barely as a person, but know you me as ‘one of the people’ since last few years. Well, more than a few years. I remember seeing you then, and wondering about you. No, you were never a part of my adolescent fantasies, but still there was your presence.”

“Now that you are here, holding my hands, I want to say something. I want to, actually, proclaim my feelings, for I am so confused that hearing myself say it might clear my own doubts about how I feel. You see, when i saw you three days back, after so many years- you took me away from me. You never said that you love me, you never expressed what you do feel. Now I do not know what do we have together, for you never utter a word. You are always silent and I can never listen to you, even if you speak, I can only hear emptiness. I cannot dare to leave my world and come to you, for I do not know what I can give you and what I can take from you.”

“All I know that the time I spend with you are my own even if you are not mine, it doesn’t matter. I took from my destiny, what you could never give me. Now I want to give you something, I am giving you a farewell gift. Yes darling, now I am leaving. I am asking the winds to take you back, from where you came. But before you go, here is what I have brought for you.”

“ I stole from the time, few moments of my own with you.. and I stole from my emotions, a few strands of affection as my offerings to you… I stole from my soul, a tiny piece of my heart… and I stole from the sun, a ray of hope.. I took away a beat and skip from my own heart… and I took away a ragged breath… and I sorted through and kept aside a slight moan of pleasure… and then i found a thread on the wrinkled sheet… and I made this keepsake, this charm for you to take away as a memory- a few tidbits of love…”

(c) Mamta Kashyap
February 22, 2011 at 11:00pm

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