Kissaa Kahaani

November 1, 2011

Dilli Dilli Dilli Dilli!!!!

Filed under: Opinions,The Unadulterated Magic — MK @ 4:14 pm

It was 12 in the night when I reached Delhi airport and saw the driver waiting with the car. And as we left the airport I realized how much I actually missed the vastness of Delhi, the beauty of it… The wide roads were practically empty by that time and the coal tar reflected the beams of the numerous streetlights; so did the green trees by the sides of the roads…. there was slight chill in the air – not the biting one but a pleasant one… The air felt pure as it hit my face… As we sped through the Embassy area, the night intensified the beauty which is eye catching during the day… the Sky Roads, The red railings and intricate range of flyovers from ITO towards Eastern Part of Delhi- Once you step in Delhi, you can’t stop marvelling, you can’t resist falling head over heels for Delhi…

They say Mumbai is the City of Dreams, the city which holds your hands and won’t let you go… maybe so, I can’t say- but one thing is for sure, while Delhi already rules my heart and Mumbai is pushing its way in it!


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