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April 19, 2011

I Miss You – 2

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I told you all about my Nani now I will tell you about my Nana, my grand pa, my mother’s father.


My Nana was the handsomest man I saw, no bias, no partiality. He was the handsomest. Tall, Fair, lean, straight nose and a ready smile. His best feature? His bluish grey eyes which lightened further due to the old age. Those eyes twinkled.

My Nana wanted to be an actor. There is a legend in my mother’s family ( I can’t say how much of it was true but here ir goes). He was staying away from home for his studies, my Nana. And he aspired to be an actor. However working in movies and theater at that time was a taboo, it meant you are demeaning the family values. So he decided not to inform his father about his decision and ran away to Mumbai. It is said that he bagged a role also in a Hindi film called Aahuti i guess it was somewhere in late 1940s. My great-grandfather could not tolerate it and he schemed. He sent a telegram to my Nana stating that he is sick and has cancer. He said his last wish is to see his son before he dies. And my Grandfather came back home. And he remained in home. He lost his aspiration and his zeal.

One thing is for sure, my grandfather was a wonderful man. He was so polite all the time and he rarely raised his voice. I remember once my mother was visiting her parents, my grandparents lived in village- true village. My mother and her brother had some disagreement, mom decided to leave then and there with us kids and my grandfather was silent and sad. He did not anticipate this and had no gifts for us. Since there was no mode transportation available other than a bullock cart- my mom and us sisters were on that bullock cart going away. My Nana was standing there, his snow-white hair shining and he threw three packets of Parle-G Biscuits towards us. We squealed in delight and he laughed.

He loved my Nani so much. I have never such love between any husband and wife, such devotion for each other. My Nana was a handsome man and Nani was quite homely. My Nana was a learned man and my Nani was illiterate. It was a mismatch but what a wonderful mismatch! He would constantly tease my Nani. Once my grandma was talking to herself in an irritated voice, grand pa asked her about whats bothering her- she replied that even in this old age she has to wash so many utensils- my Nana said- don’t worry I will wash it next time for you. Another incident is that one of my cousins was getting married in Patna and all my maternal uncles are there. My Grandparents went to attend the wedding. However in the house of the uncle where the wedding was supposed to take place- there was not much space. So uncle asked my Nana to shift his base to another uncle and Nani would stay behind and stay with him while Nana would visit in the day. Nana was so angry! He scolded his son in a rare loud voice, “If you do not have space in your house, you do not have to separate us. My wife will sleep on the couch, I will take a rug and sleep on the floor- I don’t mind. Just dont make me go away.” People used to mock him and Nani that in old age they are so romantic- it was almost inappropriate. They would sit together, eat together, laugh together- 24X7.

My Nana was not able to continue his education but he was educated. He could defeat you in debate. He would dominate you with his knowledge in every field. He loved studying and his English was impeccable. My father said that Nana had memorized an Oxford Thesaurus and he had great command over the language- he would know the exact pronunciation, word root, antonym, synonym etc etc. My father preserved all the letter his Father-in-law sent him. He says these letters are beauty.

My Grandfather also wrote- by the pseudonym of ‘Adhura’ which means incomplete. After Nana death my father brought his manuscripts and his diaries. I am no expert, though I know now that my love for Hindu Mythology is not just because of my reading habits- its in my genes.

We used to call our Nana, Dada which means the elder brother or the father of the father. Why we called him Dada was because everyone called him so- even my mom. So I know him as dada.

Dada I miss you- I can see you with a newspaper and a radio on your front porch sitting in a hard wooden chair in your Grey Kurta and starched white Dhoti. Dada my mother misses you so much. She says that she is an orphan now. Dada I miss going to that Durga Mandir holding your hands and skipping around. Dada my father does not want to visit your home now- you are not there anymore. Dada we all miss you. I go to your photo there- hanging in my home and look at you- I see you smiling at me. And pointing to Nani “See there- our Granddaughter”. Dada wherever you are- wish us luck, bless us and help us in our hard times. I love you.


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