Kissaa Kahaani

April 4, 2011

My take on Cricket World Cup Victory

I was reading this note by Maheen Sadiq, i was in tears. For South Asians, Cricket is not a mere sports, its a cult.

With all the scams doing rounds, and the crime rate going up, rape rates doing high, all the negativity around, and a disappointment we faced due to the actions of our chosen ones, Men in Blue brought in a refreshing breeze. All was forgotten, India came to a standstill- people rejoiced like never before. Everyone celebrated, be it a ‘lowly’ laborer or a ‘high class’ Page 3 personality; be it a lawyer or a convict; be is Hindu, be it Muslim, Sikh, Christian, Jew; be it a man, a woman or a child; Be it India, be it Pakistan. It was Sport’s Victory. I Can’t say about 1983, I didn’t even exist, but my heart says 2011 is bigger than 1983 in many ways.

I am not an expert, I dont even follow cricket,, I dont understand the rules other than those basic ones- but I know what is anxiety, I know what is expectation, I know how emotions run high. I connect with the game of cricket because I understand thrill, nail biting experience, because I understand the feel of exhilaration and extreme sense of relief when victory come knocking or when we are on the verge of defeat, I understand the sense of desolation and frustration. I connect with team India.

Cricket unites us- over facebook, over twitter, over orkut (may be), or on the streets, in the stadium. We watch the match as Indians- not as a Bihari, a Punjabi, a Tamil, a Malyali, a Bengali etc etc etc.

I wept yesterday, many did, in their homes; people hugged their loved ones and wept with joy. I jumped up and down and I screamed, I shouted. Me and my sister did a victory jig. I was not among those who were out on the roads celebrating, I was still having as much fun as any one out they did. I loved the moment, I will cherish it always.

All those people playing on the field showed an exemplary behavior- they were one. We should borrow a page out of their book. And the coach.:) I dont understand the nuances, nor the techniques, I just appreciate what the Team did. I may not see it again, or when I do – it may be another 28 years (or just 4 years, I dont know), I am proud. Do they deserve hero worshipping? Yes- every bit of it. Are they worthy of being labeled as Gods? Yes they are worthy of much more- they bring the whole nation together. They Instill such pride, such patriotism (you may cal it jingoism, I dont care).

Long live Cricket!Long live the passion of Indians for Cricket! Long Live the members of Indian Cricket team, past and present! Salute! Bow!


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