Kissaa Kahaani

March 7, 2011


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hmm…. what is the basic difference between being mere acquaintances, friendship, companionship, commitment, marriage etc??? First the similarity most of these relationships are our choices, we make these and are not born with these. Isn’t it?

Well one may think that one should take things gradually from here to there, but tell me how can you??? Imagine, just for a tiny second, you are on the staircase, on a step, there is a step below the step you are standing and there is a step above the step, you have only two-way to go either up or down… there is no gradual process!!!! you cannot be in limbo for long with one leg on the step and the other hanging in the air, can you!

Imagine taking someone to mall for uplifting of her moods, because you care enough but if this process makes you think Hell!!! Do I care too much???- then beware you have raised your one leg from the step and you have no idea you are going up or down!!!

Imagine you talk day in day out, nights included on the phone with someone so much that one-quarter of your salary is vanished just like that- pfft!!!! And mind you, she is not your girlfriend too, not even a friend!!! There is no such thing as “commitment” between you two, you just feel “cozy”, you feel like you are with yourself, God!!! you just slipped badly on that staircase- and no! not downwards upwards if that can be possible!!!!

There are stances things cannot be controlled! you have to do what you have to do! It is definitely true that falling in love can take a life time or it can be a matter of eye-blink, heart-beat, a turn of head, a flick of hand….

Making a relationship is not enough… carrying on, nurturing it, cherishing is what matters in the end, and that is the toughest part!!! It requires strength of character, power of will, masks, adjustments, compromises, sacrifices… relationship is all about “give and take”… but instead of “taking”, “giving” should be prioritized that should be the mantra to a healthy relationship, believe me it will give you only joy when you know that you are the reason behind that sun-shine smile, that peaceful sleep, that exuberant laughter, and the content look…

(C) Mamta Kashyap
July 19, 2010 at 10:56pm


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