Kissaa Kahaani

March 7, 2011

Celebrating my sorrows!!!!

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Let me live to my bits and pieces….let me live my sorrows and tears, my shortcomings, my failure, my troubles and my fears… my frustrations and my anger… Let me live!!! I am tired of constantly, uselessly smiling… It hurts ultimately, this futile attempt… everyone and anyone can look into my eyes and see that I am no more than a fake personality. I dont want to be fake anymore…. For how long can a person be fake in this “REAL” world!!??!! How can anyone one smile and keep on smiling in this ever-frowning world!!??!!… Smiling need not mean I a happy, it can mean I am extremely unhappy and smiling… Why should I smile, when I cant!? If I celebrate my joy, why cant I celebrate my tears? Because I want to and I will celebrate! I will celebrate my aches… I will give a joyous welcome to my sorrows, my failures… to so called negative emotions… I intend to fall in love with each one of these… i already am…

The eyes and heart are
not friends…
Eyes smile when
the heart cries…
How indifferent
Eyes can be!
But look at the
Poor, old, helpless heart!!!
When the cruel eyes weep,
even the heart cries…

_(c) Mamta Kashyap
17th july 2010


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