Kissaa Kahaani

March 7, 2011

A few Tidbits of love…

She was talking to him in the barest of whisper, her lips almost not moving. The tiny throbs at the base of her neck was the only indication that she was speaking. They were together and they wanted to pour into each other their everything- heart, body and soul. As they walked, they took lightest of steps and as they spoke, it was in the lowest of voices. They were careful not to disturb the sanctity and silence of the cloudless, clear night; slightly washed by the light of crescent moon.

She said, “ I am fortunate to have you here by my side in this cold night. I am thankful you chose to be with me now; me, whom you know barely as a person, but know you me as ‘one of the people’ since last few years. Well, more than a few years. I remember seeing you then, and wondering about you. No, you were never a part of my adolescent fantasies, but still there was your presence.”

“Now that you are here, holding my hands, I want to say something. I want to, actually, proclaim my feelings, for I am so confused that hearing myself say it might clear my own doubts about how I feel. You see, when i saw you three days back, after so many years- you took me away from me. You never said that you love me, you never expressed what you do feel. Now I do not know what do we have together, for you never utter a word. You are always silent and I can never listen to you, even if you speak, I can only hear emptiness. I cannot dare to leave my world and come to you, for I do not know what I can give you and what I can take from you.”

“All I know that the time I spend with you are my own even if you are not mine, it doesn’t matter. I took from my destiny, what you could never give me. Now I want to give you something, I am giving you a farewell gift. Yes darling, now I am leaving. I am asking the winds to take you back, from where you came. But before you go, here is what I have brought for you.”

“ I stole from the time, few moments of my own with you.. and I stole from my emotions, a few strands of affection as my offerings to you… I stole from my soul, a tiny piece of my heart… and I stole from the sun, a ray of hope.. I took away a beat and skip from my own heart… and I took away a ragged breath… and I sorted through and kept aside a slight moan of pleasure… and then i found a thread on the wrinkled sheet… and I made this keepsake, this charm for you to take away as a memory- a few tidbits of love…”

(c) Mamta Kashyap
February 22, 2011 at 11:00pm


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